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Today’s big idea reading book comes from brothers Chip Heath and Dan Heath

Their book “made to stick”. The book has the subtitle because some ideas survive, and others die

it’s a guide on how to design your communication in a way that will make your ideas. Stick by stick: they mean that your ideas are understood, remembered, and have a lasting impact and that your ideas are presented in a way, so that will change your audience’s opinion or behavior.

Good ideas often have a hard time succeeding in the world. Wild urban legends and conspiracy theories keep circulating with no evidence to support them made to stick, helping us design our communication so that our ideas can circulate as effectively as these fictitious stories.

Communication specialists have lots of advice on how to deliver your message, which is great, but according to chip and dan.

We also need to focus on the design of our message, and this is exactly what made to stick is all about. The book emphasizes the importance of people understanding why your ideas are worth pursuing.

turn the idea to make our communication more effective and make our ideas stick.

They suggest that we design our message around six principles that can be summed up with the demonic SUCCESS principle.

1. Simplicity. How do we find the essential core of our ideas?

Simplicity isn’t about dumbing down it’s about prioritizing. If you have 10 points, even though they are all excellent points, no one will be able to remember all 10.

Instead of overwhelming your audience with information, you need to keep things simple

where it links to the principle to

2. unexpected. How do we get our audience to pay attention to our ideas and how do we maintain their interest? We must surprise them by opening gaps in their knowledge and then filling these gaps. The brain likes to save energy by running on autopilot, as often as possible.

It does this by allowing familiar information to pass by without paying attention to it. On the contrary, when confronted with the unexpected the brain jolts out of autopilot and into manual control, the unexpected receives our full attention principle.

3. Concreteness. How do we make our ideas clear? We make them concrete because our brains are wired to remember concrete data principles for credibility. Ideas only spread if they are believed.
If not, they are dismissed without further ado. But how do we make people believe in our ideas? The answer is simple: we make them

4. Credible. Authentic evidence that’s likely to be believed

5. Emotions: how do we get people to care about the ideas we make and feel something tell them why your idea can help them by using the what’s in it, for your angle, and remember: people care about people, not numbers principle,

6. Stories: How do we get people to act on our ideas? We tell stories, and stories are memorable and convey wisdom concisely and in manageable chunks, in there you haven’t six principles for making your ideas. Stick to summarize here is a checklist.

7. Shareable – the more people who share that piece of content, is pretty simple because there is some value in it

and the benefit is the more people are going to eventually see it, and the more people who see it, the more visitors you’re going to have.

All you have to do is present a simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional story, and with that,

We have concluded on “made-to-stick” by Dan and Chip Heath. We hope we have inspired you.

You help you grow your business and motivated you to be the best you!

there are more stories and ideas inside the book, so We suggest you to go to this link below to get your very own “made to stick”


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