Hey, Wayne here!

How are you doing? because I feel so amazing!

Let me share with you my little secret!

is called “start your day with the hard task”

especially, in the morning our minds feel super comfortable and lazy!

What you can do with simple tasks like

Sleep early, wake up early – doesn’t matter is a weekday or weekend
healthy sleep is about 7 to 8 hours daily
Normally I choose to go to bed around 11 pm, and wake up around 6 am!

Some experts say, when you wake up early, you have extra time, so you can use it without even rushing your day!

I going to share the list of things I do when I wake up:






1) make your bed neat and tidy
it may sound simple but 60% of people woke up without even making their bed and rushing off to do their stuff (maybe going be late for work) but some rather just scroll social media after waking up







2)Go for a run OR a simple stretching exercise
when your body at the comfort zone, everything seems to chill and relax. so normally I give my body about 10min to warm up and step out of the house and go for the short 15min-20min run
this help to boost your day with confidence and more energy!

3) A cold shower
INSTANT awake, this may sound crazy for some people, but the benefit of helping cold shower is to increase alertness, clarity, and energy levels.








4) Coffee (not all drink coffee)
but it helps me to start the day better!

5)while drinking the coffee, start looking into the plan for the day
Do the hardest work task first, because the morning is the moment when you had the most energy to work on things

Simple things I do almost daily, except for running which I do 3 to 4 times a week

So, What about you how do you start your day? let me know down below the comment!

Talk to you soon!

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