Hey! Wayne here!

is been a while since I last posted, First thing first Happy New Year 2023! I know I’m a little late as today is 8th January 2023 but seriously as long as the heart I believe any date is fine to wish it!

It is just so similar to building a business as long as you have the heart to do it, Just do it

So in late December 2022, I took a leave to clear my yearly leave, I have been learning a lot from one of my mentor programs.

There is 4 basic component I believe everyone has to go through – I decided to share

  1. What is your Start point? 
    These few pointers determine your starting point
    Simply when do you want to start?
    Do you have an Idea in mind?
    What kind of skills do you have that can be applied to your business?
    Did you set some block time for your business?
    Have you set out capital for your business such as software/tools/ training programs?
  2. What is the vehicle you plan to drive?
    What type of business are you looking into doing?
    eg-ecommerce dropshipping / Amazon FBA
  3. How are you going to drive there using Map?
    which direction are you taking?
    Lists out the steps,
    What you be doing step by step
  4. What is the Endpoint?
    What is your goal?
    write a clear goal using the SMART
    SMART is a planning strategy for setting up goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound,

Dream VS Goal 

you want to earn $ 1 million but you have no idea when you want to achieve it, or even how to achieve it… this is a dream, not a goal.

A good example of a good that I set
I aim to quit my full-time job by 30 September 2023, where I will be earning $3200 USD monthly with my affiliate marketing business!

So in that whole sentence, I mention a specific time-bound, I have clear numbers and a measurable goal in about 8 month+ to achieve what I wanted!

Alright, that’s all for my post, Get paper and pen to write your goal and get it planned, and really just do it like what I’m doing 🙂

till next time!




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